Biovorm Grooming and Healing Naturally

Biovorm Ltd Wholesalers is a progressive UK company, aspiring to provide the best natural grooming and healing products for Dogs and Pets, we can find.

We believe we have done that, by researching the pet industries extensively, we have developed a range of natural pet products, containing no harmful chemicals whatsoever, which take care of our much loved pets in their day to day grooming safely and effectively.

Our Pet products are so safe, should you use the wrong product by mistake it will cause no harm to your dog or your pet.

Groomers will find our organic products so easy to use- and will be amazed at the quality and the effectiveness of our Natural Pet Grooming products.

Every product in the Biovorm Dog and Pet grooming and Healing range is derived 100% from plants. We have firm policies against the use of harmful chemicals, as these often cause poor skin conditions, can be harmful or irritant to your dog’s coat and can result in a poor quality of cleaning.

Biovorm Dog and Pet Grooming and Healing products are gentle and caring, whilst doing an extraordinary job of removing protein, oily soils, odours and particulates.

You can buy Biovorm natural pet products with confidence,

“You’re doing it right!